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About Us

Originally founded and trading as Vincent James Associates in 1979 to provide pharmacy stocktaking in Northern Ireland. In October 2009 we became James & Co and now provide a wide range of stocktaking, valuation and related services for varied retail outl

We have a good history of customer interactions and always leave our customers 100% satisfied - be it large or small, we always find a way to get the job done and keep your business running as smoothly as possible.

Our Services

At James & Co we are pleased to include in our client portfolio most of the leading independent pharmacy outlets in Northern Ireland, and provide the following range of services.

Annual and period valuations

Specialist pharmacy and convenience store systems

Valuations for business transfer and for probate

EPOS initialisations and checks

Monthly, quarterly, annual, stocktaking or as required

We provide a comprehensive professional service throughout Ireland, and with over 35 years of experiance, you can be certain of receiving a quality service at reasonable cost. For further information please contact us by any of the methods below, or compl

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why does my business need a stocktaker?

For annual audit, for business transfer or for probate, a professional valuation of your stock is an essential element in the management of your business. An independent stock valuation gives you early warning of problems with stockholdings , with stock dating, and with essential profitability. A professional valuation releases your staff from an unpopular task to concentrate on the job of selling. We can do routinely, and usually at less cost, a job that your own staff have little or no experience in, and relieve you of the management task of producing a valuation from perhaps hundreds of sheets of stock listings. As professional stocktakers, whose figures are acceptable to the inland revenue, we can also save the cost of an audit supervision of the stock count.

Do I have to close my business whilst you are stocktaking?

No. Nor is it necessary to have your stock counted on the last trading day of your financial year. We can arrange suitable trading adjustments in all cases.

What advantages are there in James & Co doing my Stocktake?

We are a fully independent established company with many years experience in all forms of retail stock control. We use only trained and experienced staff, and all staff are directly employed. We do not use sub-contract labour. We are proud of the fact that we have an enviably low staff turnover rate, and an extensive training and incentive scheme for all staff. We are small enough to be able to provide a personal level of service, and have an informal association with other UK based stocktaking companies with whom we exchange knowledge and ideas, and from whom we have access to specialist information when required.

How long does it take for a stockcheck?

We aim to complete a stock count within a working day. In extreme cases, we would aim to count all trading areas in one day, and backup/store stocks on the following day .

What will an independent stocktake tell me about my business?

In consultation with your auditors/accountants, a professional stock valuation will provide information from which your ACTUAL profitability can be accurately calculated. It can also indicate profitability on individual stock lines, and whether a stock line is turning over with the required or expected frequency. There is little point in stocking a high margin line if all it does is sit on your shelves. Our report will enable you to decide on where to rationalize on stock holdings, thus saving you money in holding unnecessary volumes of stock..

What sort of information can I expect from your stocktake?

A valuation at cost or retail of your stock holdings, broken down by stock classification. We can identify areas of stock requested in advance. In particular, our retail valuation in forecourts enables companies such as E.K.Williams to make stock throughput calculations. Our Pharmacy division provides a listing of dispensing stocks as standard, using our own proprietary computer system

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